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What's All This Then Eh?

If you've landed here then you've probably found the OSLC Recorded Sermons on our website, but maybe you're wondering about Podcasts, RSS Feeds and iTunes. This article is intended to provide some guidance on how to set up your computer or mobile device for listening to the OSLC recorded sermons. We're not going to cover all the options here but we'll provide some tips that should help you get up and running. If you have any questions or problems after reading this article then feel free to ask for help next time you're at the church.

First Question - Do I Really Need to Set Something Up?

That's a great first question! If you will be using your desktop or laptop computer to listen to OSLC sermons then you probably don't need to do any kind of special setup. Although the options for setting up a Podcast Subscription or RSS Feed are available here, those options are probably more beneficial if you are using a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. Accessing the sermons here on the website, without any extra setup, actually provides the best user experience in some ways. We usually include additional content such as the Gospel Reading and often we have pictures and web links that go along with the sermon. Those extra items might be unavailable if you access the sermons through a Podcast. So feel free to keep it simple - whether you are using a computer or a mobile device you can just listen to the sermons here on the OSLC Website.

Note: If you plan to use your web browser to listen to the sermons you might want to bookmark the page to save a few clicks and taps.

If the Podcast Doesn't Provide All the Features That Are On the OSLC Website - Why Use a Podcast?

That's another great question! Even though your podcast subscription might give you limited access to the "extras" it's still worth doing, especially if you want to listen on your mobile device. Using a Podcast Manager and subscribing to the OSLC Sermon feed will ensure that your device always has the latest sermon downloaded for listening offline. It's a very convenient way to listen to the recorded sermons when you are in your vehicle, out for a walk, or basically "anywhere - any time" that you'd like to hear the good news of God's great and enduring love.

Which Option is Best - Podcast, RSS, or iTunes?

In this case there is no good - better - best. Just three different options for subscribing to the OSLC Sermon Podcast. We've provided three options so that users can find an easy way to set up their subscription no matter what device they use or what software is installed.

OK - I Want To Set Up My Mobile Device or I Want To Use the Podcast on My Computer. Now What?

Finally! :-)

First thing - if you are using an Apple device - Mac, iPhone or iPad - then you probably don't need to install anything. Apple devices all have iTunes installed, and iTunes has great tools for managing Podcast subscriptions. So you Apple users - just select the "Get it on iTunes" option and setup your free subscription to our sermon podcast!

If you are not using one of the Apple devices then you'll probably need to install software so that your device can subscribe to a podcast. There are lots of options but we'll mention just a few. These are all free to install and use.

  1. iTunes - already installed on your Apple device and can be installed on any Windows computer or tablet. Not an option for Android devices such as phones and tablets. Get iTunes for your Windows computer or tablet by clicking this link.
  2. VLC Player - can be installed on most any mobile or computer device. VLC is a highly regarded media player, light weight and free to install and use. Get it for your Android device from the Google Play Store, or download it for your Windows computer or tablet from the VideoLan website. For instructions on how to use VLC for managing podcast subscriptions check this website.
  3. Player FM - if you have an Android device and you don't want to install a full featured media player such as VLC, then Player FM might be the app for you. It's available in the Google Play Store, it's free, it does not display ads while you are using it, and it does not ask for unreasonable access to the data and functions on your device. It's a great little app for managing your podcast subscriptions and you can read more about it on the Player FM website.

That's it! Whether you subscribe to our podcast or listen to the sermons in your web browser we hope you'll find this an accessible option when you can't attend Sunday worship at OSLC. If you enjoy these online sermons and you find that they help you grow in your faith, maybe this is something you can share with someone else who needs to hear a Word from their Loving Creator! That would be good news indeed!


New to OSLC? We look forward to meeting you!

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