OSLC Mission Vision and Values


Our Savior Lutheran Church has recently completed a process called "Clearing Our Vision". Under this framework we took time to identify, study, and pray about the Mission and Values to which God is calling us.

We began with a series of small group workshops, open to all members of OSLC, where we collected "data". From there we formed a six person "Mission Vision and Values Working Group" with Pastor Phil as facilitator. The MVV Working Group was tasked with going through the collected data and producing a report that would be brought to the OSLC Council and to the Congregation for discussion. From this emerged a document that was brought to the annual Congregational Meeting on February 17, 2013. The resulting Mission Vision and Values statement was approved by the OSLC membership.

By God’s Grace WE reflect Christ’s love to the world...

Welcoming all with Open Arms

Equipping all with a Living Faith

We are a people continually transformed by God’s Grace and committed to SHINE ever more boldly... 

Sharing the good news
Honoring the living God
Igniting hope and compassion
Nurturing community
Equipping with faith for daily living


  • We are a loving welcoming non-judgmental church body reaching out to all people.
  • We demonstrate compassion through prayers for the sick and works of charity for the less fortunate.
  • We lift up our brothers and sisters through prayer, in joy and in hard-times.
  • We encourage one another on our lives’ journeys.
  • We reach out to others in our community and the wider world with love and with thanksgiving for our abundance.


  • We demonstrate acceptance through friendly atmosphere, kind words, and high fives.
  • We welcome all our neighbours to join us in worshipping the Lord and hearing His teachings.
  • We understand that we are all in different stages of our faith journey and we support each along the way through prayer and fellowship.


  • We are all on a journey of faith. Along the way we will explore our relationship with God and our neighbours.
  • This is no blind faith! We celebrate the freedom to ask and pursue each other’s questions.


  • We seek to grow in our faith
  • We seek to grow in our understanding
  • We seek to grow in compassionate service
  • We seek to grow in our ability and our willingness to witness
  • We seek to grow in our presence in West Edmonton, in the Synod (ABT) and in the world.


  • We interpret our faith and traditions in ways that will break down barriers that prevent people from hearing God’s word.
  • We remain true to the central teachings of Christian faith, in order to amplify the Good News so that all might hear and know.
  • We believe that relevance can be demonstrated most clearly in our worship, architecture, communications, and administration.
  • We believe that relevance is about meeting people where they are, at the time when we encounter them.
  • We believe that relevance does not mean contemporary, although the encounter could be in a contemporary setting. The setting could be very traditional if that is what is called for.  In the context of Our Savior Lutheran Church it means both!
  • We believe the key to being relevant is to live the values, share the Word and Sacraments, live, laugh and love in a way that brings meaning to those in the community.
New to OSLC? We look forward to meeting you!

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Corner of Callingwood Road and 184 Street

18345 62B Ave, Edmonton AB. T5T-3J9 

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